Linear Independence

Aspiring Civil Engineer, Physicist, and Mathematician.
I'd major in all 3 if I could.
Where I am located: North Carolina
Where I would like to be located: Arizona
I love Brand New, Math, Physics, Arizona, bright colors, mountains, the country, meteor showers, and being with my lovely lady.

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Put the past away

Jumper, Third Eye Blind

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Geometric sandcastles by Calvin Seibert

Seibert on his process:

Building “sandcastles” is a bit of a test. Nature will always be against you and time is always running out. Having to think fast and to bring it all together in the end is what I like about it…When they are successful they don’t feel contained or finished. They become organic machines that might grow and expand. I am always adding just one more bit and if time allowed I wouldn’t stop.

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These boards are so pretty.

I would have no heart to erase them.

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Crystallized coyote skull… death succumbing to beauty and renewal.

From the series Crystal Skulls, Skin, and Bones

BEYOND !!!!!!!!!! SO RAD !!!!!!!

holy wow

Ooooh I wish I had some bones to try this with!

Thought some of you might find this interesting! :)